S e r v i c e s

The services can change based on each Community, but in general they come to be the following ones:

Administration. Organization of the collections and administrative payments of the Community as well as other documents. Cleaning of Common areas of accesses to the Community, corridors, stairs, parkings, etc.. Collection of vegetal Remainders, as well as cleaning of manholes fluvial of the Community.
Maintenance of Gardens in common areas. Maintenance of Swimming pools of the Community. Rat control and disinfection Common areas.
Maintenance of the existing audio-visual systems and extension of such.

La Quinta
Maintenance service of the water canalizations for the irrigation of the gardens and common potable water canalizations within each Community.
Maintenance service and Replacement of the fungible elements of the lighting system in the common zones of each Community (gardens and accesses) Service of management with the Insurance. Possible wrecks that take place in the Common zones. Vigilance Services of the Community. Control and verification of the same one.

In addition to these, this company is dedicated to facilitate the provision of other customized services. These take place by the idiosyncrasy of the own Urbanization, its residents and the relation that settles down between these and the Administration.
They are not services that the Community has included in it´s budget, neither the administrator would have to give them necessarily.
Also, this last one lacks this line of " production of services " within the organizational chart of the company.
Simply, we contact with companies dedicated to provide them, manage " a tempting " supply for the clients and we worry that these, are well taken care of.

These SERVICES, that are made by express request of the client, previous information of costs, are the following ones:

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